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The Bigger Picture

You work in the life science industry. Your working life is complex: You work as a dedicated specialist, project manager or manager. But wherever your role, you share a common need with your colleagues: The need to see the bigger picture.

You will leave BASE Academy with substantial knowledge of the dynamics and success drivers within the industry and an interesting life science network.

We offer you the possibility to enhance your business

We help with understanding of the life science industry from early research to drug development, and production to marketing and sales. Furthermore, we offer you deep dives into IT in life science and complex world of compliance in pharma. BASE Academy provides a learning environment which promotes co-creation.

Your active contribution is not only appreciated but necessary to optimize the learning experience. Our teaching programs are structured around lectures, interactive sessions and carefully selected materials. Our programs will allow you to improve your professional performance and your understanding of how you and your peers’ exact roles influence the value chain and overall company performance.

BASE Academy


Due to the recent COVID-19 crisis all future BASE Academy events are cancelled until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

“In light of the prolonged uncertainty as to travel and physical participation in events with participants from multiple companies, BASE Life Science has for the foreseeable future decided to discontinue our series of All About Pharma events, until now conducted physically at a location in Copenhagen. Instead, we are working hard to transform the All About Pharma concept into an online experience. We will keep you posted at this site and on LinkedIn, so stay tuned. Expected go-live is April 2021”.

Do you want to leverage the benefits of having an informed and educated workforce?

We offer customized programs that target your specific needs to further develop an agile organization. BASE Academy focuses on how internal and external forces affect the strategic options available in the pharmaceutical industry. We wish to offer our participants a framework to help understand the complexity of everyday life in your organization. Experience shows that through these insights, employees build stronger networks and use their organizational understanding to broaden their efforts/performance.

Have you identified a specific challenge or field where enhanced IT insights are required?

The role of IT in life science is continuously impacted by the regulatory requirements and demands for compliance. IT not only supports life science. IT is a business enabler. We wish to offer customized programs to develop the IT specific professionalism and competence in your organization. Based on your specific requirements, we aspire to design programmes that provide knowledge of what comprises the life science industry and how to properly execute IT projects within strict regulatory boundaries.

We know that you are an IT expert. But do you know how IT and life science integrate?

The role of IT in life science is continuously impacted by the regulatory requirements and demands for compliance. IT not only supports life science. IT is a business enabler. But how do you utilize your IT skills in life science to their full potential? When you understand how IT integrates into life science you can improve your day-to-day performance and challenge existing practices on a sound basis. You will also enhance your professional network. We aspire to broaden our program portfolio to range from topics like IT in life science, IT project management and IT vendor sourcing.