“What I do is immediately put into use”

Karen Stephansen

Senior consultant

Senior consultant at BASE life science since 2016
PhD in Nanobioscience, Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen

I left my position as a researcher at the university to be a part of BASE life science. It is highly motivating and a driving force for me to work in an industry where I can use my interests, my scientific knowledge, and structured way of thinking to better understand my stakeholders and their needs.

In my position as a researcher I was given leading and supervisory positions on many different projects, collaborating with a diverse group of people. I draw on this experience in my work as consultant, where tasks and stakeholders grow complex.

I enjoy working as a consultant where everything is put into use and meeting deadlines are required, since other people are dependent on your deliveries. This dynamic environment; meeting deadlines and achieving goals, is both motivating and satisfying.

I value BASE life science for the mind set in the organization; one solid BASE. By knowing where I excel and understanding where to challenge me, BASE life science helps me to grow as a consultant. Furthermore, BASE life science supports me by giving me the opportunity to explore topics and develop competences that I find interesting.

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