We fit into your context and understand where to add value.

BASE provides management consulting services and relies on a pragmatic and flexible approach. Operating at all levels of the organisation, BASE helps life science firms throughout the process of strategy definition to execution. Our advisory and implementation services span the entire value chain – from initial discovery to sales.

"It’s all about transforming data and business insights into real impact for our clients”

Phillip Folkmann


Manager at BASE life science since 2016
Cand. Merc. in Finance & Strategic Management

I’m one of the employees with more seniority at BASE – even though I only started in 2016. That is how fast we are progressing. I work with transforming data into knowledge that grants our clients a business advantage. It is really cool, and I see myself as a hybrid working to bridge the area between business intelligence and the business strategy. At BASE, our approach is quite unique due to our ability to understand the businesses and the needs that our clients have.

In my projects, I use this knowledge and all insights to generate models and inputs on the basis of data, which have a positive business impact. To make a deep dive into the technical landscape and turn it into actionable insights about the business – that has a real impact. That is what I aim for in my work! At BASE, we have an integrated culture with multiple profiles with a great variety of backgrounds and nationalities. We are very passionate about our expertise and professional skills, and I see it as a huge advantage that our culture emphasises informal feedback and genuine collaboration. This gives a high level of involvement across the BASE office and we strive to give each other feedback in order to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

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