Expertise in advanced analytics

BASE Analytics is a center of knowledge and expertise within data engineering BI and advanced analytics & AI. Data-driven management and insights are key for paving the way towards a competitive edge in today’s Life Science industry.

We help our clients by extracting value from vast volumes of data, documents and pictures, as well as creating solutions, tools and capabilities for enhanced decision-making into processes where it really matters, solving concrete challenges and creating tangible business benefits.

Our approach is based on thorough knowledge of cloud IT architecture and data structures, and we use cutting edge tools like machine learning and deep learning to gain insights from large volumes of data, documents and pictures, even within GxP regulated systems.

Analytics by BASE - in short

Business Intelligence
Data Science
Data Engineering

Why choose BASE Analytics?

  • We work in an agile way and understand that business value needs to be demonstrated quickly via fast and cheap prototyping.
  • We are experts in the life science value chain and can provide the right mix of resources required for data science projects: developers, data analysts and subject matter experts.
  • We apply state-of-the-art technology, not for the sake of technology, but to solve very concrete and specific business challenges.

Would you like to know more about Analytics?

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