BASE Migration Framework

Utilize modern machine learning to get your data mobilized


Our migration framework powered by machine learning ensures fast and successful migrations with low customer effort.

Combining ACE (Analytics, Cleaning, Enrichment) and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) efforts in a powerful and elegant solution, seamlessly integrating business-rules and powerful analytical tools like machine learning and neural language procession to deliver the highest possible quality and output.

BASE Migration Framework - in short

High Quality
Low customer effort

Why choose the BASE Migration Framework?

Automated document classification against DIA reference model

  • 90% – 95% classification correctness with 95% accuracy using pre-trained machine learning algorithms (document type, sub-type and classification)

Fast iterations with real-time dry-runs and customer verification during extraction and transformation phase

  • 25% – 50% less time and effort needed during extraction and transformation phases
  • All major risks addressed upfront

Fully automated test and verification

  • 50% less time on test and verification phase

New insights in legacy source data

  • Improved quality of migration decisions via new insights generated using machine learning (e.g. document scraping and clustering)

Would you like to know more about the BASE Migration Framework?

Talk to Martin Woergaard
+45 53 69 00 34

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