BASE / Core Values

Core Values

We value Team Spirit, Trust, Ambition, Openness and Execution.

Our organizational culture is rooted in Scandinavian values and business conduct focused on multiculturalism and global outreach. 

We live by our core values every day and strive for continuous diversity to achieve excellence.

It is our differences that unite us.

Team Spirit

We care for and support one another

We value Team Spirit

By joining BASE, you will become a part of a dynamic and innovative team, offering excellent opportunities for growth, personal as well as professional. You will embark on a continuous learning journey, pushing you past your limits. You will be working with the latest advanced technology to solve complex data-related challenges in the Pharmaceutical industry.

We value Trust

By fostering a strong sense of trust within our organisation, we empower each team member, encouraging them to take responsibility for their work.

With Trust, we have achieved excellent results in terms of increased productivity and morale amongst colleagues, enhancing our ability to work effectively as a team.

We believe that Trust is a prerequisite for success.


We have freedom under responsibility


We embrace challenges and push boundaries

We value Ambition

With Ambition, we acknowledge that the path to success is a continuous learning journey.

Therefore, we encourage development, both professional and personal, by providing the necessary support and opportunities to shape the success of our employees.

We do not just value Ambition– we also reward it.

At BASE, our team is composed of passionate employees with determination to rise above their current condition, striving for excellence. Ambition is a prerequisite for our success.

We value Openness

With Openness we encourage transparent and respectful interactions, bringing more freedom and empowerment to each individual within our organisation.

By fostering Openness, we become capable of tapping into the collective wisdom of our employees, improving collaboration, innovation and engagement.

Openness builds the bridges necessary to keep our team moving forward. Therefore, we believe that Openness is a prerequisite for success.


We speak our mind in a constructive way


We get things done and deliver results

At BASE, we value Execution

Our achievements and recognition are a product of our teams’ continuous dedication and hard work, enabling us at BASE to efficiently deliver customer-centric solutions and services.

We believe that valuing Execution has shaped our success and cemented BASE as an entrusted partner for companies in the life science industry.


Become the next addition to our team

We are continuously on the lookout for competent and ambitious people. Check out our open positions and send your application already today!