AI Hackathons:

Fast and efficient Use Case prototyping


There is no lack of potential use cases for using Advanced Analytics or Artificial Intelligence in Pharma companies. However, the challenge is that is time consuming and costly to verify if use cases are feasible.

BASE combines a deep understanding of business processes, data models and advanced analytics, to go from identified use cases to working prototypes in less than one month.

AI Hackathons follow a simple process:
1) We identify and prioritize uses cases, together with SME from the business
2) We build a data platform – either on BASE or customer infrastructure
3) We conduct a Hackathons together with SME from the business. BASE brings an experienced team of developers, data scientists and data engineers

Read more about BASE AI Hackathon on our blog post on Medium by clicking here.

Kickstart your AI journey with a hackathon:


  1. AI hackathons enable companies to select the right AI investments – based on proven value
  2. AI Hackathons are a very effective way to start building an AI platform, as it can speed up the decision and the identification of the valuable use cases while engaging business stakeholders.
  3. In short, AI Hackathons can accelerate companies’ AI journey

For more information on BASE and how we conduct Hackathons, read our whitepaper

“Transforming regulatory documents to structured content: Exploring the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence” by clicking here.




Would you like to know more about Hackathons?

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