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Complex Data Migrations

Migration programs are critical, challenging and risky, but at BASE we are experts in averting potential issues and complications

BASE services are here to define the right strategy and execute safely with quality and less effort.

BASE has the right people, processes and tools to make your migration a success

Our consultants cover the subject matter expertise, including regulatory, clinical, CRM, and have acquired a deep practical understanding of the source and target systems. All our consultants are experts in the field of data migrations and are trained in using our proven methodology and qualified Software to hep you realize your goals.

BASE Migration Framework

We automated the standard Data Science, data exploration, for migration and made it interactive.

Complex Data Migrations

BASE Migration Framework

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Why you should choose BASE Complex Data Migrations

Delivering multiple migrations for large & mid-tier pharma

Bring lessons learned and practical insights from delivering multiple migrations at large and mid-tier pharma companies

We guarantee smooth transitioning to a new system

We truly allow a business to reap the benefits and value of transitioning to a new system without disruptions

Certified Veeva migration partner

BASE life science is one of only 3 Veeva certified migration partners

More than a migration framework

Our tool not only ensure trust by design but also improve data quality

Complex Data Migrations

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