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Customer Engagement

Advisory across the entire commercial ecosystem

Customer engagement activities in the life science space are growing increasingly complex. Across Commercial, Medical and Market Access there has been a significant shift in the collaboration model and coordination concerning the customer engagement strategy and associated customer experience. The customer expects a seamless and more personalized experience in a landscape of ever more communication channels and intricate systems landscape.

Along with this challenge, however, comes great opportunities: business growth, improved customer experience and relevancy; optimization of workflows; and improved insights.

In BASE Customer Engagement, we offer advisory spanning the entire ecosystem, helping you harmonize and leverage the right systems, data, content, and business processes to achieve your commercial goals and objectives.

  • CRM System Implementation
  • CRM URS & RfP Management
  • Process Analysis & Reengineering
  • System & Process Governance
  • Playbooks & Supporting Documentation
  • KOL/KEE Management
  • Event Management
  • HCP Compliance & Transparency reporting
  • KAM & Market Access
  • Data Migration
  • Commercial Architecture & Systems Integration
  • BI / AI driven Architecture and Reporting
  • Change Management & System Adoption
  • System Management and Support
  • Omnichannel Advisory
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Strategy and Roadmap
  • Digital Architecture
  • End-to-end Process Mapping and Playbooks
  • Digital Operations Framework
  • Digital Operating Model
  • Marketing Automation
  • HCP Portals
  • Campaign Analytics and AI
  • Campaign Execution
  • Modular Content Roadmap
  • Content Taxonomy
  • Content Management Advisory
  • Digital Asset Management
  • GxP Assessment
  • Vault Commercial & Medical Operations
  • Personalized and Next Best Content
  • Commercial and Medical Vault Integrations
  • System Review
  • Medical Information Architecture
  • Medical Information Process Definition
  • Multichannel Inquiry Management
  • Medical Information System Implementation
  • Source System Integrations
  • General Medical Information Advisory
  • BI Optimization Services & Strategy Formulation
  • Readiness Assessment & Roadmap Planning
  • Tools & Technology Evaluation & Recommendation
  • Data Governance & MDM
  • Data Lake – Data Modelling & Transformation
  • Reporting, Dashboard, Analytics Architecture (Relational / Dimensional)
  • Dashboard & Analytics Design & Development
  • Next Best Engine/Suggestions
  • Standard Best Practices & KPI Definitions
  • End-to-end Consent Management Process Design
  • Maturity Assessment of GDPR processes
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Consent Granularity Design
  • Best Practices Sharing
  • Requirements Gathering and SOP Support
  • Process Validation

Customer Engagement


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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement


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How can BASE support you on your journey?

At BASE, we specialize in supporting the whole ecosystem, always keeping the big picture in mind. Whether you are starting small or are launching a more comprehensive ecosystem across several affiliates, regions or globally, our team of well-versed, international experts will help you get the most out of your investments.

Feel free to have a closer look at our services in the dedicated boxes below or contact us directly for a chat about what we can do for you!

Why you should choose BASE Customer Engagement

Technology, business processes and industry experience

The right blend of technology, business processes and industry experience to deliver value end to end

Commercial & Medical expert team

Unequalled team of commercial and medical expert focused on life science

Commercial technologies consultants

One of the biggest pool of commercial technologies consultants in life science

Tailored best-in-class BI tools towards the business

Knowledge of the entire commercial landscape from data provider to software vendors

Customer Engagement

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