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Emil Eskelund Holst


Cloud security strategy & execution

Company: Large pharmaceutical company
Organisation: Global Information Security


Exponential use of cloud services throughout the organisation created a significant risk seen from a security perspective since visibility and control was limited. To address and mitigate the security risk, a security cloud strategy and approach needed to be in place to ensure better visibility and control in the cloud environment.


BASE life science assisted and guided the strategy development, which was created to act as the foundation to reach the desired level of coverage and insights in the cloud environment. We were was brought in to make sure the developed direction and approach would become a sustainable and scalable solution. A key element, to achieve the desired result, was to act as a liaison between multiple departments and organisation with various SMEs to ensure cooperate, alignment and enlightenment.

Base life science ensured the project was guided through the following key phases: First, the assessment of the current and future capabilities and tools was carried out, which was further detailed with a gap analysis. Second, based on the analysis, a vision was created for the global cloud security setup to establish the cornerstone and guiding principle in the cloud strategy. Third, an in-depth technology analysis of potential tools was conducted, including aspects such as, coverage, usage, and capabilities. To support the analysis, an architecture analysis was performed with IT infrastructure to identify the best solutions and potential pitfalls. Key aspects of digitalisation were incorporated, e.g., automation, in order to start digitalisation of workstreams. Fourth, several proof of concepts and proof of value were initiated to find the best fit for the company, incl. commercial negotiations. Lastly, an implementation roadmap was defined and executed.


A multitude of benefits was achieved as part of this project, e.g., 1) a more secure cloud environment, 2) full insight into the cloud environment, e.g., user behaviour and network overview, 3) insights into the cloud environment generated new knowledge to be used for multiple departments, 4) agile architecture (lift and shift), 5) digitalised workstreams, 6) real time compliance reports.

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