A certified Great Place To Work®

What is a Great Place To Work®?

According to the Great Place To Work® Institute, “a place where employees of all generations can develop personally and professionally, where people trust and support each other, where they take pride in their work, and where working with their colleagues is fun. A Great Place To Work® is a place where you can realize your potential.”

We are proud to be a certified Great Place To Work® in the seven locations where we qualify for application: Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and The United Kingdom. Below we highlighted some of the results from the last survey, so you can get a feel of what it is like to work with us.

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An overall great place to work

84% agree that taking everything into account, this is a great place to work.

This score summarizes our employees’ rating across key areas such as innovation, value creation, leadership effectiveness, values, trust, and ability to maximize human potential. We could not be prouder that so many of our people think highly of their workplace.

Work-life balance

91% agree that their manager supports them in having a good work-life balance.

This high score is an important distinguishing factor in the consultancy industry and one that we are proud to support. We have a flexible and hybrid work policy, allowing our employees to better balance work and private life. Additionally, we encourage people to use their full amount of vacation days as well as parental leave for the ones with children.

No micro-management

94% agree that they are trusted to do a great job without anyone looking over their shoulder.

For four consecutive years, our score has remained at the top for this parameter. And it’s no surprise, as giving people responsibilities and trusting them to do a great job is a big part of our values. By fostering a strong sense of trust within our organization, we empower each team member to achieve excellent results.

Supportive colleagues

83% care about the well-being of their colleagues.

The overwhelming majority of our people also indicated that they are not just colleagues working together; they’re a community that deeply cares for each other’s well-being, both inside and outside the workplace. This statistic offers a glimpse into our company’s commitment to creating a workplace where every individual is valued, supported, and nurtured.

Great onboarding experience

94% felt welcome when they joined the company.

On this result, we see a reflection of our commitment to inclusivity and well-being. With our “buddy” arrangement and a carefully planned onboarding program, we do our best to make every new employee feel included from day one. Our emphasis on cultivating a nurturing workspace does not go unnoticed, as a high percentage of people report being made to feel welcome when joining us.

Embracing diversity and inclusion

91% agree that we offer a diverse and inclusive environment.

Our team’s resounding agreement on the diversity and inclusivity we offer reflects our commitment to openness. This sentiment encapsulates our employees’ experiences across various facets, including culture, background, and perspectives. We’re immensely proud to foster such a diverse and inclusive workplace where people feel valued and respected.

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