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Innovative and specialized management consulting

We offer specialised management consulting services with domain experts on some of the topics that matter most in the world of life sciences. We work with top tier life sciences companies as well as biotech startups. Locally and globally. From strategy to hands-on implementation.

Research & Development

With deep industry knowledge, coupled with extensive technological proficiencies, we can support the design, roll-out and adoption of applications and new technologies within your organisation.

Our experience spans early research, clinical, quality, regulatory and pharmacovigilance and our consultants are ready to assist you in redefining your processes to derive the most out of today’s technologies.

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In the dynamic healthcare arena, our consultancy specializes in providing comprehensive advisory services, ensuring seamless integration of systems, data, content, and business processes to drive your commercial success.

With a keen eye on the big picture, we cater to organizations of all sizes, whether initiating modest endeavors or orchestrating expansive ecosystems spanning multiple affiliates, regions, or global expansions. Our team of seasoned international experts is dedicated to optimizing your investments, ensuring maximum value extraction at every stage of your journey.

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Customer Engagement

We offer advisory spanning the entire ecosystem, helping you harmonize and leverage the right systems, data, content, and business processes to achieve your commercial goals and objectives.

We always keeping the big picture in mind. Whether you are starting small or are launching a more comprehensive ecosystem across several affiliates, regions or globally, our team of well-versed, international experts will help you get the most out of your investments.

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Veeva Value Journey

BASE life science is the first company in Europe and one of few globally to hold the highest Veeva partner accreditation: Premiere Services Partner, both for Veeva Development Cloud and Veeva Commercial Cloud, accompanied by a Veeva Migration Service Provider Certification.

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