Data Migrations

Whether you are implementing a new content management system, have acquired a new pharmaceutical product, or are consolidating your IT systems as part of your digital journey, data migrations are instrumental to success. Within critical and regulated areas such as clinical development, quality, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance, data migration projects are complex by nature. If such projects are not handled by a qualified migration team, they risk impacting the business operations and slowing down the implementation of new systems or integration of products into the portfolio. We have vast experience delivering more than 130 GxP data migrations, on budget, on time, and with high satisfaction from our customers.

Data migration expertise

Migrate your data seamlessly with a leading vendor, leveraging our extensive experience with over 130 migration projects within R&D domains. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your data integrity is maintained throughout the process, as we handle the full extract, transform, and load (ETL) process.

Stay GxP compliant and fulfill business requirements with confidence, knowing that our migration solutions adhere to regulatory standards and industry best practices. With minimal freeze periods, your operations can continue uninterrupted, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Unlock the potential of your existing data by deriving more value through our migration services. Whether you’re consolidating systems, upgrading platforms, or migrating to the cloud, our expertise ensures a smooth transition while maximizing the utility of your data assets.

Proven migration excellence

Our proven approach ensures high-quality outcomes delivered on budget and on time, providing you with peace of mind throughout the migration process. Tailored specifically to GxP data migrations, the BASE life science migration approach has garnered success in over 130 projects, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

With a deep understanding of complex data models across clinical, regulatory, quality, and safety domains, our expertise ensures the seamless transfer of your critical data assets. Our consultants are certified Veeva Vault experts, equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the intricacies of your migration project effectively.

Built around GxP compliance, our software and processes prioritize regulatory standards, utilizing automation to reduce validation workload and ensure adherence to industry regulations. We employ an agile approach to accelerate knowledge generation and maximize quality, enabling swift progress while maintaining precision.

While we bring a standard setup and set of solutions to each project, we also embrace innovation, providing tailor-made adjustments to match your unique needs. With our commitment to excellence and flexibility, we ensure that your migration journey is smooth, efficient, and aligned with your organizational objectives.

BASE Life Science Migration Framework

The BASE Life Science Migration Framework is a robust software solution designed to address the complexity and compliance requirements of GxP migrations. Developed by our most competent specialists and proven in over 130 migration projects, this framework ensures fast and reliable migrations while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Pre-qualified and easy to deploy in both cloud-based and on-premise infrastructures, our framework manages the end-to-end data flow seamlessly. With modules dedicated to source data extraction, analysis, cleanup, enrichment, transformation, and load to the target system, every aspect of the migration process is meticulously handled.

To ensure full traceability and accountability, all modules include built-in audit logging, providing transparency throughout the migration journey. Automated report generation further streamlines the process, reducing the need for manual verification and enhancing efficiency.

Our framework comes equipped with connectors to a variety of source and target systems, including Veeva Vault, Documentum, SharePoint, and SQL-based systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration. Additionally, our library of plugins offers system-specific functionality such as the transformation of legacy audit trails, generation of Binders, and auto-classification of documents, further enhancing the capabilities of the framework. With the BASE Life Science Migration Framework, you can trust that your migration projects will be executed with precision, reliability, and compliance.

Why you should choose our Data Migrations

Maintain data integrity while we handle the full extract, transform, and load process

Stay GxP compliant and fulfill business requirements

Continue operations with minimal freeze period

Derive more value from existing data

Maintain high standards while sticking to budget and timeline