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If you want to join our team in a dynamic and high-paced consultancy within the life science industry, then do not hesitate to reach out to us. Due to increased demand for our services for project delivery to clients across Europe, we are always on the lookout for new and qualified candidates to partake in our activities.

At BASE, we strive to ensure that our applicants have the best possible experience when applying for a job with us. Our recruitment process revolves around a comprehensive screening- and interview process, allowing us to thoroughly assess each candidate based on experience, competencies, and potential.


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We are continuously on the lookout for competent and ambitious candidates. Send your application today. You might be just the one we are looking for.

Our recruitment process

Recruitments here at BASE are happening on an ongoing basis, meaning that we will review your application as they enter our system. When we find the right candidate, and there exists a mutual match between us, we strike. We follow this approach to help limit waiting times for all candidates who have invested both time and effort in applying for a career with us.

If your information matches our initial screening, we will thoroughly go through your CV and application. Typically, we set up three interviews with you to ensure the best possible match between you as a candidate and us as your prospective employer. During our interviews, we rotate between various recruitment constellations, ensuring that we find the right candidate who can fit into our team.

As soon as the result of both tests are available, you will be invited to attend a feedback session. The purpose of this session is to provide you with insight into how well your competencies match our standards and criteria at BASE. You will receive an in-depth assessment of your personality traits, provided by an authorized corporate psychologist.

Top candidates will be invited to a full screening, which can be conducted as either face to face- or virtual interview. The next step will be the combination of a competency assessment and a personality test, which seek to ensure that we get a feel for your qualifications as well as mindset. The competency assessment simulates a typical working task here at BASE, wherewith it can be an excellent opportunity for you to determine whether you can feel right at home with us and in the position of interest.

If the test results reveal that you could fit in at BASE, we will typically invite you for a final interview, which is to be considered as the last step before receiving a potential job offer.

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BASE offers specialised management consulting services with domain experts on some of the topics that matter most in the world of life science. We work with both top tier life science companies as well as with biotech startups. Locally and globally. From strategy to hands-on implementation.

Offer and Onboarding

If you are selected, and the fit and timing are right on both ends, we will stay in close touch to walk you through the proposed details of the offer. Once hired, we will ensure that you get a proper introduction so you can feel right at home here at BASE.

We will assign you with a mentor, who will welcome you to BASE by introducing you to all relevant aspects of your new workplace as well as your first tasks. Your mentor will help you navigate in your new position and will furthermore take on a supportive role, ensuring that you quickly feel comfortable and right at home with us.

We are always interested in meeting exciting new prospects.

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