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InfectoPharm & BASE life science: crafting CRM excellence

The backstory: a CRM challenge 

InfectoPharm, a medium-sized German pharmaceutical company in business since 1988, has been a leader in pediatrics and difficult-to-treat infections. With over 130 preparations in their portfolio, they faced challenges with an outdated CRM system. BASE life science stepped in to assess their needs and implement a more robust solution.

Gregor Börner, our project lead, describes our approach:

"Speed is often understated in this kind of projects. It was crucial for us to act quickly, before InfectoPharm’s previous solution ran out of support, while at the same time ensuring that they had a robust CRM to support their growing sales and service teams. Our agile methodology allowed us to be both swift and effective."

The approach: a blueprint for success 

InfectoPharm chose Salesforce Service Cloud over a pharma-template solution, and BASE life science was picked for the implementation. The initial focus was on an MVP approach, featuring:

By August 2022, we had fully integrated the CRM system, streamlining InfectoPharm’s customer interactions and data management. The new CRM became the backbone of their business operations. 


The finale: a standing ovation 

The result was transformative. InfectoPharm experienced improved team collaboration, pragmatic mapping of business processes, and lightweight implementation of pharma processes in Salesforce. The CRM system evolved from a mere tool to a strategic business asset.

Reflecting on the project’s success, Adam Brossart, Manager of Master Data and IT Processes & CRM product owner at InfectoPharm, notes:

"BASE life science’s deep industry understanding helped us deliver this project in a very short time and improved the collaboration within Infectopharm.”

The aftermath: the road ahead 

With the successful implementation of their new CRM system, InfectoPharm is well-positioned for future growth. The partnership with BASE life science has not only solved immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for ongoing collaborations, thanks to our agile approach. 

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