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BASE life science enhances your existing technology, specializing in life sciences as well as Veeva, Salesforce, and others. Our MLR GenAI Assistant boosts accuracy in your PromoMats MLR process.

Speed up the MLR process with BASE life science’s GenAI Assistant for MLR

In the highly regulated landscape of the BioPharma industry, all promotional materials must undergo rigorous review by medical and legal team members. These reviews are notoriously time-consuming and often prolong the launch timeline of marketing campaigns.

Our GenAI Assistant for MLR is designed to expedite this process by conducting a pre-review, assisted by explainable GenAI. This allows the MLR team to focus on the critical aspects of their review rather than getting bogged down in the details.

We partner with BioPharma to ensure they are informed on our trained AI model and outputs, and have an accessible explanation of its automated decisions.

GenAI Assistant for MLR has been proven to accelerate the entire MLR review process, thereby expediting the content supply chain and ensuring that Brand teams can bring their message to market faster, fast-tracking the launch and increasing impact of the campaigns.

Unleash the power of Omnichannel with your Brand

With BASE life science’s GenAI Assistant for MLR expediting content delivery, the potential for Omnichannel engagement becomes increasingly achievable. Our Customer Engagement practice focuses on constructing seamless end-to-end customer journeys across all channels, technologies, and target audiences. While building on the technology of our leading partners such as Salesforce, IQVIA, and Veeva, our experienced team can ensure your Brand delivers the Right message to your target audience at the Right time with the Right channel to maximize your impact.

Refine, optimize, and achieve Excellence in Customer Engagement

BioPharma Marketing is always about serving your audience: providing your HCPs and patient population with the content that will maximize your impact, in the right context.

To achieve operational excellence you will need to constantly measure the impact and optimize the channel mix. The BASE life science team supports BioPharma Marketing throughout the entire process, from initial content creation to measurement across all channels. Whether it’s embedding explainable GenAI into your processes, or developing advanced analytics dashboards for your Brand, we ensure that you have access to the data necessary to excel in Customer Engagement.

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Meet BASE life science at Asembia's AXS24 Summit